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Special Haven Beerfest 2014
By: David Chuey

On Saturday, May 17th, I woke up to winds blowing my trees around and couldn’t help but wonder how things were going to work for Special Haven Beerfest 2014.  There was still so many things to do before the big event, and the last thing we needed was a windy day, but as the day moved along the wind stopped and the things turned out to be perfect.  Set up started at 11am with our beer vendors arriving and setting up outside on the patio. We had boxes of souvenir glasses to bring in and raffle baskets to set up.  This year we introduced wine vendors to the event, which was a nice added touch.  We also had event vendors out in the parking lot who donated raffle baskets for our raffle.

It is always nerve-racking before an event as you never really know what to expect, but as usual, things went very smooth.  There were 10 beer vendors represented at the event; Schooners, E.J. Phair, Ale Industries, Eight Bridges Brewing, Mendocino Brewing, Working Man Brewing, Sierra Nevada, Drakes Brewing, Lost Coast Brewing, and Altamont Beer Work, and 4 wine vendors; Bloomfield Vineyards, Chatom Vineyards, Hatcher Winery, and Nottingham Cellars.  We even had a home brewing competition with Timothy Nelson winning with an excellent Honey Stout.

The event was extremely successful thanks our amazing sponsor, RINA Accountancy Corporation.  The Special Haven board would also like to thank Schooner’s Grille & Brewery for allowing us to use their venue once again.  We were able to raise over $3700 for this event, while our goal was for $3000, we totally surpassed that number.  We look forward to putting on this event next year and we hope that all of you will come out and support Special Haven and enjoy a wonderful day with us.

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