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Chiropractic Pediatric World
By: Dr. Brandon Roberts, DC

This is a great explanation of the work I do with the kiddos at Special Haven written by my mentor and coach in the Chiropractic pediatric world Dr. Tony Ebel.

“There are three main things sensory and spectrum kids struggle with – calming down, connection, and coordination.  It’s known now that subluxation (spinal/nervous system stress) leaves their nervous system stuck in a state of sympathetic (gas pedal) dominance, and thus constantly wound up.  If it
can’t calm down, it can’t connect and coordinate.  In turn, it’s also now known that chiropractic adjustments, done with the right focus and protocols, stimulate the parasympathetic (brake pedal) system and slow down the sympathetics…thus allowing these kids to calm, connect and coordinate again!”

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