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Special Toys for Special Haven
By: David Chuey

After five years, we feel that it is time to upgrade Special Haven with some new equipment and the first item on our list is a brand new interactive sensory ladder system.  The Ladder Lights is an innovative interactive, sound sensitive wall panel. The Ladder lights have 15 brightly colored rungs and 7 different modes. The rungs light up according to the volume of the sound and depending on mode selected. This wall panel is a great and will encourage vocalization, breath control and regulate volume, using a simple and spectacular visual effect. The added Ladder Lights Masks will create even greater effects and a variety of appearances. 

This campaign has already started and we are close to having it fully funded.  In fact, prior to this newsletter going out, we received a $1500 donation from one our great supporters specifically for this project.  So we are less then $700 away being able to purchase the ladder. 

Please consider clicking our GoFundMe link and making a donation. 

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