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The Rivertown Treasure Chest
By: David Chuey

There is a new store coming into downtown Antioch called Rivertown Treasure Chest.  Debbie Blaisure, Toni Lincks, and Earlene Lanter will be the owners and the plan is for a retail co-op store at 306 G street with the hopes of opening on May 1, 2017.  A co-op allows sellers to own a small business for a fraction of the cost by paying rent and commissions to the store.  This new store will carry antiques, vintage, collectibles, crafts, and many new or old gift ideas.  There will also be a section for candy, snacks, drinks, and ice cream novelties and a media room for those looking for vinyl recors, CD's, movies, or books.  And there will also be a garden area which will change for seasonal items.

Special Haven, along with two other non-profits, have been presented with a great opportunity to team up and help us raise much needed funds to keep our doors open.  The way this will work is that people can donate items; mainly wooden furniture, art, vinyl, vases, and other unique items, to one of the three non-profits via the store.  Rivertown Treasure Chest will prepare, display, price, and sell the items and 40% of the sale price will go to the non-profit that you choose.  So if you have some items that you were thinking of donating or getting rid of, then maybe you would consider contacting Rivertown Treasue Chest, to see if they could help sell the item and you can support a cause.  The non-profit you pick will send you a tax id letter for your donation once the item is sold.

So please look around your home and see if there are some items that you would like to donate and set them aside.  Rivertown Treasure Chest will be ready to take in and inspect items after May 1.
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