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Here is what people are saying about Special Haven
My son Ivan sanchez who is a 6 year old with cerebral palsy has gone to the sensory. I have alway wanted to have a place where he can play with anything and everything and this room have Ivan that possibility.  When Ivan goes he is extremely happy, he can crawl just like he is at home. In the sensory room Ivan can play with his sister, they can play together or separately. Also being a mom seeing your children play together is wonderful it warms my heart to hear them laughing and talking to each other. Ivan really enjoys the cube , that he can record different stuff, he also likes the lights with the switches.  Ivan really enjoys this room because he can just be a kid. In his eyes this place is equivalent to chuck e cheese's,

Amy Sanchez


My name is Pam.  A couple of years ago as I was looking for massage therapy for stress relief I found the Intuitive Healing Center.  This is how I meet Jude and found out about multisensory rooms and how they can benefit kids with special needs.  I have two boys who have ADHD.  As I have been bringing them in for reflexology they have been going into the multisensory room and they both love it.  Since the build out my youngest, Antonio, has been able to utilize the new multisensory room.  He had a blast going in there.  It is so beautiful.  Antonio loves the whole room, but the new free standing bubble tubes, water bed, ball pit, and disco ball are his favorites.  This room is a great asset  to our community and will benefit many people, adults and children alike.  The Intuitive Healing Center makes it possible for all people who are struggling to benefit from their services.  As a parent I have such a great appreciation for all they do.  Thanks Jude, Scott, and Beed.  And a special thanks to Jude for helping Antonio.
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