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Wine & Beer Tasting Fundraiser 2018
by: David Chuey

After our 6th Annual Golf Tournament in September, the board got together and decided we should really get a new fundraiser together for next year and it should be similar to our old Beer Events. We decided to spice it up and make it a full Wine and Beer Tasting Event, which sounded really good, but we needed a place to host the event. As we looked around, it seemed like we couldn't catch a break, until one of our board members, Brandon, mentioned Petersen Vineyards. So we set up a meeting with Peter Petersen and he was so wonderful to deal with we worked out a date and everything was set for Saturday, April 21, from 1pm to 5pm. Now it was time to put in the hard work and start looking for vendors for the event.
With Petersen Vineyards ready to pour and a quick call to our friend, Chris Doran at J. Doran Vineyards, we had two vendors in no time. We then reached out to Chris Demay, our good friend who helped with our old Beer Events, and he not only agreed to help, but the company he worked for, Rina Accountancy Corporation, agreed to sponsor the event. In no time we had donations from Eagle Ridge Vineyards, Working Man Brewery donated a keg, and our friend at Lost Coast Brewery agreed to donate a variety of beers and things were looking good. Our good friend Steve Rojek, from the Nights of Columbus, also sponsored the event and had a few helpers come out to help pour beer. With the help from Peter, Viano Vineyards and Bloomfield Vineyards agreed to come out an pour and we were all set with wine. We now needed to find some beer vendors. Altamont Beer Works donated a keg and our friends at Markstein in Antioch, helped us get donations from Firestone Brewing, Sam Adams, and Deschutes Brewery. This was a great line up for our first Wine and Beer event, but we got one more donation of a dozen wines (10 different types) form Jim Lanter from State Farm. Now we were all set.

To round out the event we contacted a wonderful friend who started a new business, NorCali Hog BBQ and they sold pulled pork sandwiches and chicken sandwiches to the guests. And a call to a friend, Ben Benkert, and we now had a musician too.

Petersen Vineyards has a wine making room on their grounds, which is beautifully decorated and provided the perfect setting for our event. It is always stressful the week leading up to the big events, but as always the board kicks in to action and everything always turns out great! Thank you to everyone who came out to support the fundraiser. We raised closed to $4500, which was better then expected. We look forward to hosting this event again next year, so please be on the lookout for our new flyer.

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